Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vaccine Makers Admit May Cause SIDS!

Links such as the one above only strengthen my decision to not vaxinate any children I have!
I offer this information to those who are ignorant of the situations....Vaccines have a CHANCE to endanger the child. So does allowing a four year old to cross the street alone. Would you take that risk? Most likely why take the chance with the vaccines?

It is a very debateble conversation. Government and school districts alike make it a very difficult obstacle to overcome. Some hospitals won't even agree to be your chosen hospital for delivery if they know of your crunchy/granola parenting ways!

All the information is available to anyone who wants to do the research. Everyone is permitted to create their own opinion. It is important to know what is best for YOUR family, and leave the judgement right there.

How do YOU provide a natural life for your children and family?
I plan to:
  • Breastfeed
  • Baby Wear
  • Baby LED weaning
  • No Vaccines
  • No formula (breast milk only)
  • No disposable Diapers (only cloth diaper)
  • Co-Sleeping
  • Homemade Baby Food
I'm sure there are other methods out there that I will feel partial to, and as I do more research I plan on going the mile and making life as natural and loving as possible for my children.

How many of you have had issues with the hospitals when requesting that your child NOT leave the delivery room/your sight after birth?


Namaste said...

I really like the socially aware trends, but, I have to throw in here that the numbers "rumored" to link immunizations with SIDS are nothing compared to the lives saved by immunizations. The live birth rates between US and other countries are off because we have more live births because of better prenatal care. And, just one more thing. CO-sleeping is linked to a huge percemt of SIDS deaths - Way more than immunizations!

Crunchy Monkey said...

When I refer to co-sleeping, I'm not referring to sleeping in the same bed, I'm referring to having their crib/bassinette next to my bed...sleeping in too seperate beds just next to each other..not to mention that will be really helpful with the bfeeding...

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