Sunday, July 10, 2011

We have sponsored in a giveaway!

Tailor Made Momma has opened up a HUGE giveaway in celebration to her 2000 Facebook fans and 500 GFC. You can find her giveaway at the following link:

I have sponsored two of my newest product: A set of THREE 2x2" cloth blocks and a 4link cloth teething ring! Winner has the option to select cloth used and if the blocks have a small bell inside.

Winner pays shipping, and all you have to do to enter is fill out the form on her blog for my items, like my facebook page, and follow me here on the blog!

OH! Did I mention that it's a GOING GREEN giveaway? Meaning everything sponsored is either the color green, greener for our earth, or cloth related! Know what that means? Lots of fluff :)

Good luck guys!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


So, as I mentioned a couple days ago, Blog Followers were going to be the first to know what the five new products are. So all five items are being posted here, while Facebook followers are only going to know one at a time over the span of three or four hours. I'm excited! These products were all things most requested during the poll that was taken at the 1k celebration giveaway.

Cloth Blocks!

Tinkler Toppers!

Neck pillows for baby or toddler! This fits perfectly around my four year old step son. Perfect for long car rides.

Nursery Pillows.

Cloth Rings for Baby!

*Note* Straight pins showing in some of the pictures are there to hold the product in place where they WOULD be sewn. They are pinned in place to allow for easy changes or customization for customers.

FIVE New Products Today..

Today, Crunchy Monkey is releasing five new products throughout the day! I am very excited. They will not be announced at the same time, but rather an hour or so apart.

Four of the products are Gender Neutral Products, and one product is for the boys! (Since the Tutus are for the girls =) )  Again, these products were requested during the 1k celebration! So keep refering ideas, because YOUR idea could be next !

Do not forget, the code: WEJOINED2011CM is still active for any Etsy order placed to save 15% off the entire order until 11:59 tonight!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Place an order between now and 11:59 Sunday night (6.26.11) and receive 15% off your entire order! No minimum purchase required.

Click on the picture to be taken to the Etsy shop!
*While Canada continues with the postal strike, mail cannot be shipped via USPS. A shipping alternative can be used (UPS, FEDEX, etc) for an additional charge. Sorry for the inconvience.*

Friday, June 24, 2011

You talked--Crunchy Monkey Listened!

With the release of Crunchy Monkeys newest product--Tutus--requested by fans, another new product will be released this weekend! This too, is a product which has been requested by numerous fans (A poll that was taken during our 1000 Fan Giveaway.)

A hint?
This new product is for baby boys. =)

After the announcement over the weekend of the newest product available, another poll will be taken for what is desired most from our fans (especially the new ones who didn't have a chance to vote during the 1000 Fan Giveaway!)

Another major announcement--Crunchy Monkey is now on Etsy as well. What does this mean for you? COUPON CODES! Yes, throughout Facebook, Twitter, and the blog now, coupon codes will be released for Etsy orders making it easy and efficient to earn special discounts!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Per Request, Crunchy Monkey now offers Tutu's!!!

The Tutu's I make are Apron Style. Meaning, they tie around the waste and in the back with a ribbon for easy add/removal. This is fantastic for times when your little one needs an emergency trip to the bathroom and you need to remove this quickly!

Tutu's are perfect for Birthday Bashes, Dress Up, Parties, Holidays, School, Home, Friends house, or anywhere!

The generic sizes are as follows:
Newborn-12months: 15-17inches around
12m-2yr: 18inches around::7-8inches long
2yr-4yr: 19inches around::8-9inches long
4t: 20inches around::11inches long
5t: 21inches around::12inches long
6t: 22inches around::13inches long
When placing an order please either provide your exact measurements OR select measurement from this generic size chart.

NB-12m: $16
12m-2yr: $18
2yr-4yr: $20
4t: $22
5t: $24
6t: $24

--When your tutu arrives in your mail, you will need to fluff it out! Hang it up and run your fingers through it to fluff it out.
-- One of the easiest ways would be to hang it in your bathroom during a hot shower to release any creases, folds, or wrinkles from traveling.
--The tutu's can be spot washed by hand with warm water if something spills on it. Hang to dry. Refluff with fingers once it is dried.

You can choose as many colors as you want for your custom Tutu. Access the Tutu Color Photo Album for the available colors.
There are also several styles available. So be sure to clarify what style you like when placing an order.

Embellishments such as ribbons can be added to the Tutu, so please specify when placing your order if that is something you are interested in. Embellishments will cost extra.

COMING IN THE NEAR FUTURE: Matching Wands! Will be $5.00
If you are interested in pre-ordering for wands please feel free to let me know. (No samples are done up yet for preview is all)

My step son decided to be a little goofy and model the Tutu for us =P

$20 Amazon Gift Card!

I've talked about it before, but I just wanted to throw it out there again! Zoombucks works just like Swagbucks. You search the interent, play games, watch videos, take surveys, and more. By completing those activities you potentially earn virtual dollars (points.) You turn the points in for free stuff like giftcards and more!

Last night I turned in 2000pts for a $20 Amazon Gift card! I am now up to $50 (saved up) in Amazon, not to mention all the Amazon Gift Cards I've already spent on things in the recent past!

I never thought getting money would be so easy =)