Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shopping Trip coming up!

So I am primarily in charge of food shopping in my household. I'm the one who gathers all the coupons, compare ads, search for coupon matchups, follow along with, and create a list and any potential dinners we may want.

I would always food shop with Shop Rite and grabbing the few left overs at giant. But after taking on couponing seriously, I have had to step back and start reviewing coupon policies.

Giant: Reserves the right to accept or deny coupons really, and they really only 'double' the first like coupon.
Acme: Will double all the coupons up to .99cents.
Walmart: Will match any ad from any store..allows overage..will even GIVE you cash if you have no other product to put it towards.
Target: Allows STORE and MANUFACTURER coupons on the SAME product.

I'm not sure of Shop Rites policy, I havn't looked it up yet, only because I am so intrigued by Targets policy. Store and manufacturer for the same item can do loads with shopping savings. Not to mention if you purchase certain things, in the correct amounts they will also issue you $5 giftcards as incentive for buying the product.

So, with the coupon policy and the giftcard offers as huge attractions, my fiance and I took a walk around a Target last night. Just to get an idea on how the prices were. I have always been confused how a store like Target or Walmart can be less expensive then a grocery store with a savings card. But after walking up and down the aisles, some of the prices were not bad, not to mention all the coupons I saw on the actual products. I told J, it was like seeing dollar bills stuck to product. LOL

With that being said, I think J and I have decided that we are going to shop at Target this month to see how well we can do. If the coupon policy and the giftcards weren't incentive enough for him, he sure found the motivation when he saw his favorite (baby back ribs) on sale for $1.25 a pound. =)


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