Wednesday, May 25, 2011


coupons are like dollar bills, right? when one fully understands how to use coupons, hundreds of dollars can be saved....often times walking out with hundreds of groceries for just pennies.

the first thing to know about couponing is your grocery stores policies, where to find the coupons, and a few other very helpful tips.

a great way to start couponing is with strong organization. how would you guys like a chance to win a coupon starter kit?

i need to hear from you.  i want to see how much participation will occur with a starter kit giveaway/offers or sales.

(sorry for the lack of capital letters. my cell phone combined with blogger doesnt seem to want to let me use capitals)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Going Green

I decided to give a whack at growing my own vegetables! Granted I had alot of odds stacked against me considering I live in an apartment, no ground to plant them in, and the fact that my windows don't always get the best of sunlight....BUT I took the chance and bought all pot friendly seedlings :)

Tomato on both sides.

Oregeno and Basil.

I also have a pot with red and green bell peppers. They were sprouting nicely but we had a mishap. We had all the plants in the car, driving them to the inlaws, when Joe had to slam on the breaks for who knows what reason. >_<  One plant slid and landed directly on top of the pepper pot and snapped both of the stems. So I am showing some TLC and hoping that they will sprout up again?

Ohhh! Little Man LOVES to do what I do, so he asked for his own potted plants. So I stopped by the walmart and bought the cutest Miracle Grow greenhouse plant starter. Came with everything, the dirt, seedlings, container, etc. So here is a pic of his progress :)

The blue is his tomato and the green are the sunflowers!

Nothing like seeing how excited he gets when he notices the growth! We'll be switching these to a larger pot soon enough. :)

Have any of you tried growing your own vegetables? What environment did you have available to you? Was it a success or a flop?

Upload some pictures to facebook to share with the rest of us !

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Onto 1500!

I have only had Crunchy Monkey open since, I would say, February. Already I am nearing 1,100 fans!

I am hoping to host another giveaway here on the blog when we reach 1,500 fans and I need YOUR input.
What type of vendors would you like to see? I had one individual mention the desire for an all fluff giveaway (which I can attempt to put together!)

Basically, it's time for YOUR input :)

Leave a comment with your favorite shops/vendors/boutiques and I will start contacting!
Be sure to include your favorite item from their shop and maybe any personal experiences you have had?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

1000 Fan Giveaway Winners!

Before I list all the winners for the 1000 Fan Giveaway I would just like to thank each of you for being so patient and sticking around as I tried my best to find a solution to Facebooks TOS requirements to holding giveaways! I'm very thankful that not a single person grew impatient (on Crunchy Monkey OR via email) and we didn't lose any fans during the whole transition process as well! Thank you so much for sticking around and supporting Crunchy Monkey and I look forward to the next giveaway. (Now that we have it all down pat)

We had 19 amazing boutiques sponsor an item(s) for the 1000 Fan Giveaway. Below you will find the name of the boutique, how many entries there were, what number the winner was, the winner, and if available the email to contact the boutique directly. If you do not see an email provided then please access the boutiques contact tab on their page.

Laurettas Little Bowtique: 15entries, #5-Melissa Boyle,
Creating Cuteness: 54entries, #4-Katharine Neill 
Simply Sweet Boutique (white): 5entries, #3-Nicole Jackson, Contact:
Simply Sweet Boutique (pink): 7entries, #1-Ashley Haley, Contact:
Bows Oh So Cute: 62entries, Makala Nelson    Contact sponsor at:
Bows By Sara: 60entries, #39-Amanda Draughon, Contact sponsor at:
Earthly Remedies By Erin: 24entries, #8-Paloma Torres,Contact at:
A La Main Beauxtique: 12entries,#11-Renee Duffield,Contact sponsor:
Bow-M-G: 38entries, Paloma Torres, Contact Sponsor at:
Cranky Cat Studios: 24entries, #23-Jennifer Vaughan,Contact
Crafty Roo: 39entries, #18-Mieke Hunting
Perfect Page Designs:21entries,#10-Ciara Weaver,Contact at:perfectpagedesigns@hotmail.comScentsy Consultant Stacie Shay: 23entries, #23-Oanh Ball, Contact at:
It Works BD: 2entries, #1-Jill 'Fowlie' Pierson
Rockin Ribbon Sculptures: 5entries, #5-Renee Duffield, Contact at:
Creations By Bug: 24entries, #16-Crystal Wilson, Contact at:
Go Green Goodie Bags: 42entries, #10-Nina Schneider
Anna Chipman Photography: 4entries, #2-Crystal Wilson, contact at:
Momma Cricketz: 21entries, #20-Oanh Ball, Contact sponsor at:
Crunchy Monkey: 38entries, #3-Courtney Warren,Contact Sponsor: