Friday, June 3, 2011

My Coupon Binder

I have a never ending need to organize sometimes, so keep in mind my Coupon Binder is always a work in progress. One week I wake up with the thought that each page should have all like items. One week it's single sided, the next double sided pages. =) So here are a few pictures of what it looks like currently.

Coupon Binder closed. 19 Tab dividers, still need about 15 more of the dividers to have the binder completely divided up properly!

All my store coupons go into sleeves at the very front of my binder. Easy access so that I do not have to go digging later on when I have a manufacturer coupon to match up with too.

Some of the pages and categories I have the binder divided into. I find this method easiest for me. Others, I have seen, divide their binders up by dates the inserts/coupons came out. Others completely alphabitize their coupons rather than go by departments.

I also find it very simple for me to double stack my coupons. Meaning, I have coupons back to back so that I can see a different coupon when looking at the front of my page, and when I flip the page there are more on the back of that same page. This saves time, coupon sleeves, and doesn't cause much confusion.

Now that you have seen my Coupon Binder, I will be offering you guys a Coupon Binder Start Up Kit when the blog reaches 100 Fans! The start up kit will include:
  • 15 High Quality 9slot Coupon Sleeves. Coupons put back to back allow for 18 coupons per sleeve.
  • An alphabetized 40 top grocery coupon categories as seen in my binder.
  • Tips and Tricks on couponing.
  • Top websites to print coupons from.
  • Coupon Policy Printouts for three leading shopping centers.
  • Two coupon inserts for you to cut and put into your new Coupon Sleeves!
All you need is a Binder to put your start up kit into!

For those of you who may be interested in purchasing the start up kit, it is priced at $21.00 shipped.

You can also purchase the addon package:
  • 1 Zipper Pouch. Perfect for holding calculator, pens, pencils, mini scissors, and receipts.
  • 5 High Quality 9slot Coupon Sleeves. Back to back coupons makes this equal to 10sleeves!
  • 1 Calculator
  • 1 pair of mini scissors
The addon package is priced at $6.00 shipped.

Comment on this post with your paypal, contact me on Facebook, or email me at if you are interested in purchasing.

Refer all your friends so that we can give one of these starter kits away for FREE!


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