Friday, May 20, 2011

Going Green

I decided to give a whack at growing my own vegetables! Granted I had alot of odds stacked against me considering I live in an apartment, no ground to plant them in, and the fact that my windows don't always get the best of sunlight....BUT I took the chance and bought all pot friendly seedlings :)

Tomato on both sides.

Oregeno and Basil.

I also have a pot with red and green bell peppers. They were sprouting nicely but we had a mishap. We had all the plants in the car, driving them to the inlaws, when Joe had to slam on the breaks for who knows what reason. >_<  One plant slid and landed directly on top of the pepper pot and snapped both of the stems. So I am showing some TLC and hoping that they will sprout up again?

Ohhh! Little Man LOVES to do what I do, so he asked for his own potted plants. So I stopped by the walmart and bought the cutest Miracle Grow greenhouse plant starter. Came with everything, the dirt, seedlings, container, etc. So here is a pic of his progress :)

The blue is his tomato and the green are the sunflowers!

Nothing like seeing how excited he gets when he notices the growth! We'll be switching these to a larger pot soon enough. :)

Have any of you tried growing your own vegetables? What environment did you have available to you? Was it a success or a flop?

Upload some pictures to facebook to share with the rest of us !


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